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We love juice and we want you to too!

Welcome! My name is Amelia, I'm the Owner and Operator of Everyday Boost. I started the idea for this company in 2018 when I moved back to Maine, in hopes to supply the Seacoast area with healthy, cold-pressed, raw unpasteurized juice. I was inspired by the power of food and how it can heal your body and mind, my grandfather showed me just that! He was given 6 months to live, back in the 90's, but with a change in diet (raw fruit, veggies, JUICE) and attitude, he was able to beat the incredible odds and live another 30 years, cancer free. 

The power of food is an amazing thing, we like to believe that you can heal yourself with the things you consume & think, just like my grandfather. 


 We strive to be the best tasting juice on the Seacoast. When starting this company we wanted to make juice that EVERYONE would like, even if you are a juice skeptic we promise juice can taste good. With an array of different flavors and mixes to choose from, you are bound to find something you like. Juice doesn't have to taste like grass to be healthy and we are here to prove that. Offering 2oz all the way up to 64oz, depending on your need! We want everyone to enjoy locally made juice that won't break your budget.


Since we cold-press our juices they hold their nutrition for 5-7 days, rather than 3 minutes. This is because there is no heat involved with the process, it takes much longer to make juice this way, but we like to say our juice just has a lot of extra love in it. 

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