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Everyday Boost

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Cold-Pressed Juice, for the win.

Everyday Boost uses a commercial cold-press juicer, which means it doesn't use heat, keeping the enzymes and nutrients intact, for better tasting and more nutrient dense juice. We create unique blends of cold-pressed fruits and vegetables, offered in single juices, packs, cleanses, energy shots and all available for house delivery! Using local farms when available and we juice daily. 

Where to find Us:


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Meet Everyday Boost

The Juice of Maine™

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I can’t begin to express my gratitude for Everyday Boost! Amelia has been delivering the most delicious, fresh juice to my house for over a year now. Both of my children and spouse are huge fans as well. We eagerly await juice delivery day each week and have enjoyed every order we’ve received! Thank you to Everyday Boost for caring about our health and wellness! Cheers to the best juice around and healthier days ahead for all!! 




Everyday Boost has been such a savior for this busy, working Mama! I know I’m providing my children with the healthiest, freshest and most nutritious foods without having to spend hours in the kitchen preparing them. I have never enjoyed fruits and vegetables so much in my life and love the convenience of home delivery.

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Makes me feel like a million bucks, I. get the Coldkiller every week and it brightens my mood and health,

every time! 

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